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At Southside Car Group, we take our responsibility to protect your privacy very seriously. As part of this responsibility we do not share your details with any other company or entity. We collect information when you use our services. Our computerized despatch system (www.cordic.com) automatically save names, address, telephone numbers and any email addresses associated with a booking. This data helps us to improve our user experience, improves efficiency of our calling centres.

We use this information to provide our users with more valuable and interactive services, and that ultimately result in more compelling content for our customers.

Southside Car Group has been leading the way in this industry over the past 15 years in London. Our vast wealth of experience has lead us to exchange telephone numbers between our drivers and our passengers. Resulting in passengers calling directly to his/her designated driver awaiting. This ensures fast and effective conflict resolution. i.e I cannot find my driver….!

All telephone calls to and from Southside Car Group are recorded at all times and kept for three to six months. After such time they are deleted automatically from our system. This helps us improve our operator's professionalism as well as, it helps us to resolve any queries that may arise during a job.

We use your information to process and personalize your requests. We also use the information for support, to develop new features, and to improve the overall quality of Southside Car Group products and services.

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