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We Make Sure You Get The Best Of Comfort At Your Selected Fleet...

  • Saloon
  • The standard family sized Saloon car can comfortably carry up to 4 passengers with luggage. This car is ideal for small groups and individual tourists. Our saloon cars include the Mercedes E-Class and Volvo S80.

  • Estate
  • The Estate car also carries up to 4 passengers but provides a generous amount of luggage space. This car is ideal for passengers carrying excess luggage. Our estate cars include the Volvo V70 and Chrysler Voyager.

  • Executive
  • The Executive car carries the same amount as the standard Saloon vehicle. However, your journey to or from the airport has a bit more class.

    Our executive cars include the new shape Mercedes E-Class and S-Class.

  • MPV's
  • More than 4 passengers? The MPV (Multi Purpose Vehicle) People Carrier may be the car for you. It can carry 5 passengers with luggage or 6 passengers with hand luggage.

    Our people carriers include the Chrysler Grand Voyager and Mercedes Viano.

  • 7/8 Seater
  • Our 8 seater minivans can comfortably carry up to 8 passengers including 8 large suitcases. This car is ideal for large groups and tourists travelling with excess luggage.

    Our 8 seaters include the Mercedes Vito.

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