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Avail Executive Car Hire within Your Budget

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A car has become a necessity for travel on the road. Be it a professional or a youngster – everybody dreams of owning a luxurious car. But the main barrier in fulfilling our dream is the budget. But now the problem is solved. You can experience the luxury of executive cars at a low budget with South Side Car Group.

If you run a business and want some luxurious cars for your delegates, you can opt for executive car hire from South Side Car Group at the most reasonable pricing. You will be able to avail chauffeur driven services to make all your business partners comfortable during their travel time, eventually making a good impression on them.

Services Offered:

There is a wide range of services given by the South Side Car Group, such as:

1. Different types of cars in low budget

2. 24 hours of active customer service

3. Experienced, professional and skilled chauffeurs

4. Low price at any time

Types of Cars Provided:

Estate- These cars can carry four people. Luggage space is also generous. The person coming with excess luggage can opt for this segment. Cars like Volvo V70 and Chrysler Voyager are used in this segment.

Executive- Mercedes E-Class and S-Class cars are used in this segment. The Executive cars add a little more amount of luxury to your guests in a low budget.

MPV’s- Multi-Purpose vehicles are used for hiring. This kind of cars is able to carry 5 passengers with luggage or 6 persons with hand luggage. Cars like Chrysler Grand Voyager and Mercedes Viano are used in this segment.

7 to 8 seaters: There are cars with 7 to 8 seaters provided for hire.

Saloon: Mercedes E-class and Volvo S80 are used in this section.


We at South Side Car Group offer a reasonable price for all the options in executive car hire. We always try to keep the pricing very low so that anyone can opt for their service. Wealso follow a fair price policy. The most important thing about our pricing is we don’t charge any extra amount for any special occasions like Christmas or New Year. Our executive car hire services are considered to be the best in the market.

Booking Procedures:

The booking procedure followed by South Side Car Group is very simple. We provide online quotations. You can avail executive car hire service by contacting us over the phone. The service of hiring cars can be booked online also. The most important feature of their customer service is it works for 24 hours without any holiday.

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