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Avail Executive Car Hire in Gatwick for a Comfortable Ride

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Want to travel to your destination in style and comfort? And with the style quotient, class status would earn a little extra in the society. But tell me friends, how many people can actually afford to buy a high end car with an explosive price tag. Not many. True? But that doesn’t mean that you have to live with your disappointments. You can always avail executive car hire in Gatwick that would make your fantasies come true with an affordable amount. Southside Car Group in Gatwick is one of the leading car renting companies based in UK. The reason for the popularity is luxury cars,

Services Offered By Southside Car Group

Estate - These cars can carry four people with a huge luggage space especially suitable for travellers. Volvo V70 and Chrysler Voyager are used.

Executive - Mercedes E-Class and S-Class cars are the executive car on offer. The Executive cars can raise your social class and reputation in a low budget.

MPV’s - Multi-Purpose vehicles are used for hiring. They usually carry 5 to 6 people with their belongings.Cars like Chrysler Grand Voyager and Mercedes Viano are used in this segment.

7 to 8 seaters : There arises situation when we need to travel with a group of 7 to 8 people. Here the cars in this category come into picture.

Saloon : Mercedes E-class and Volvo S80 are used in this section.

Price Factor

The cars are rented at an affordable price that makes even the middle class to go in for executive cars. Many a times we need to pamper our business clients or a near and dear one with luxury. Here arises the need of an executive car hire service. Southside Car Group brings an executive car to your reach at a pocket friendly price. Moreover it is usually seen that everything goes in for a price splurge during peak time on occasions such as Christmas, New Year and so on, but Southside doesn’t charge anything extra on special occasions.

How to Book Cars from Southside Car Group

Availing executive car hire service in Gatwick UK is at your ease now. You can visit the website of Southside Car Group or make the necessary bookings via a phone call. The executives are always there to help you with the services. The courteous and polite behaviour will always please you and you won’t be left disappointed. Contact the team now and make the best of these services offered by the team South Side Car.

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